Upcoming Shows/exhibitions:

May 2nd -May 9th 2022

Mitt Möllan- Galleri 2 

Cleasgatan 8

214 26 Malmö 



Berg og Berg - Exhibit date tbc

Collaboration with Norweigan artist Miriam Mäkelä Strandberg. Insta @makeladesign.

Think penpal,woodwork,drawings and installations.

A true timecapsule.

About Me:

Malmö based freelance practicing artist.

Work includes ink and watercolour, drawings, illustrations and installations.

My main inspiration is found in pure natural habitats and architectural suroundings.

Places I lived and people I call my family.

Travelling recharges me.

London will always be my first love and forever muse. 


I've worked many years with painting and decorating and before that as a pastry Chef.

I'm working towards a future were illustrations, art and  design are a regular everyday. 

Currently studying a foundation course that will lead me to furniture/product design and prop work.