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 Atelje Leslie                     Bragegatan 31

 214 46 Malmö





Upcoming Shows/exhibitions:

Exhibit A(rt) #3 - Jan 13th- Feb 16th 2023

Cafe 1998

Davidshall, Malmö


Berg og Berg - Exhibit date tbc

Collaboration with Norweigan artist Miriam Mäkelä Strandberg. Insta @makeladesign.

Think penpal,woodwork,drawings and installations.

A true timecapsule.

About Me:

Malmö based freelance practicing artist.

Work includes ink and watercolour, drawings, illustrations and installations.

My main inspiration is found in pure natural habitats and architectural suroundings.

Places I lived and people I call my family.

Travelling recharges me.

London will always be my first love and forever muse. 


I've worked many years with painting and decorating and before that as a pastry Chef.

I'm working towards a future were illustrations, art and  design are a regular everyday. 

January 2022 I finished a foundation course for art and design.

I hope this will lead me to be able to work with furniture/product design and prop work in in the near future.

Previous shows/Exhibitions 



Nothing to see here 2014


A place in between 2014

Espacio gallery 

Food glourious food 2014

The cumbria 

Urban art fair 2014,2018

josephine Avn Brixton


IYAF (International Youths art festival) 2014 

Stanley Picker gallery

- Group show (theatre)

- Art work shops

Design week Brixton 2014

Art nouveau 

Lady Biro and the sleeping gravity 2014


HOME 2014


The non xmas xmas fair 2014



Smalls by Ruth Murray 2015


Art trail- west Norwood 2017

Portico Gallery 

Voices-festival market 2017


Remakery Market & art Workshop 2018 ,2019

Remakery Community Space


öland spirar 2015

Himmelsberga museeum

Exhibit A(rt)

Urban window Gallery 2020

Caroli huset 

Exhibit A(rt) #2

Galleri 2

Mitt Möllan

May 2022

Galleri helgen (F.d Natten)

23rd Sept - 25th Sept 2022

Mitt Möllan, Malmö

Ölands Skördefest

29th Sept - 1st Oct 2022

Bläsinge(Near Norra Möckleby,east side)